Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year or Feliz Ano~Nuevo in Spanish and GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR! in Dutch. Similar to the traditions of many late December ‘TV specials’, I thought I’d write a blog entry reflecting on the derailing roller coaster train of a year that was 2018. I haven’t written on here in a while, and I’m using a new blog server too so there’s that. May the clinking of glasses and the warmth of goodwill be the soundtrack of your New Year’s Eve as we reflect on what was and look to what will be.

New blog server? Why yes. Just a wee announcement, and fellow bloggers may enjoy a little insight here. In this ever increasing competitive social media market, I realise I’m not likely to follow in the footsteps of some good friends of mine and make a career out of blogging/youtube, so I figured I’d save some money and switch to a free host. The end user (you) will notice relatively small difference, maybe a little slower and there’s that “webhost” watermark in the bottom right, but other than that the blog continue’s into it’s third year in 2019.

IMPORTANT NEWS. Here’s a picture of my good boy wearing his favourite Christmas present, his bow tie. Seriously, he loves it when I put this on him.

Buster loves his new bow tie.

I can’t believe I started blogging on cptnmingo.co.uk back in 2017 (imagine a middle aged, upper class New Jersey housewife saying, “Where HAS the time gone…”). We started our youtube channel even earlier than that too and at time of writing I’m sitting strong on 407 subscribers, still chasing that big 1000. I’m intending to carry both blogging and video making on into 2019, other commitments allowing. It may not be every week, but there are some more adventures that we’d like to share with you.

2018 was a great year for us, even if it wasn’t for the rest of humanity. Yes, while we were enjoying the searing heat of Mexico’s Caribbean coast and exploring the ancient Mayan ruins, the rest of the world enjoyed a veritable car crash of delights. We had…
– Donald Trump refusing to attend a World War remembrance event because it was RAINING.
– The passing of the legendary Stan Lee (R.I.P).
– Racist crime is up and currency values are down thanks to the spectacular debacle that is Brexit.
– MORE school shootings in America.
– The Northern White Rhino became extinct in Kenya in March.
– Aquaman.
– Civil unrest caused chaos in France before Christmas.
– Clowns still exist.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, let’s take a minute to remember some of the best of humanity in 2018.
– The winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea brought divided nations closer than ever before.
– We had a Royal Wedding, that’s nice I guess.
– Avengers: Infinity War was released.
– Aquaman.
– We had an incredible snow storm named after Emma!?
– England was united as it’s team of 11 football kickers managed to kick some balls in Russia all the way to the semi-finals.
– Saudi Arabia allowed women to drive (still a long way to go on the other stuff, chaps).
– We found evidence of water on Mars.
– Elon Musk launched a convertible into SPACE. Because he can.
– The world was gripped as those Thai boys were rescued from that cave.
– God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 brought joy to millions.
– Britain had a GLORIOUS summer with temperatures topping 35.3C in Faversham, Kent.

Who has two thumbs and got Red Dead Redemption 2 for Christmas? This Guy.

For Emma and I, our personal highlights of 2018 have to include our Mexico trip, finally starting to save for our first home together, and a few personal life highlights such as work promotions and my visit to the U.K Games Expo (and many, many great board game and RPG sessions with my friends throughout the year at my weekly gaming club).

In 2019 we’re finally going to Download festival up at Donnington Park to rock out with Slipknot and Tool. We’ll be spending time in a forest with our family, and maybe I’ll finally publish some of the half-written Delta Green & Dungeons and Dragons adventures I’ve been working on. Also, video games. Lots of video games. What are your plans for 2019? Drop us a comment below or tweet @cptnmingo.

Whatever your New Year’s plans or resolutions are, holidays, vacations or otherwise, have a safe one and we both hope you get to spend some meaningful time with your family and friends before the chaos of everyday life sweeps us up once more. I’ll see you on the other side for more blog posts and adventures. Happy New Year!

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