Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

The answer’s Mexico. It has been on my mind lately how little I’ve actually added to this blog. It’s the same old story with hundreds of bloggers around the world, a ton of half finished posts saved offline in a drafts folder and life just gets in the way! I thought I would just share a few videos from my Youtube channel to keep readers of this blog up to date with what Emma and I have been doing.

For more on what I’ve been busy doing and why I felt I needed to take a break, watch this short vlog.


And here’s the start of the adventure! We flew out to Cancun and stayed at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya resort. My what an incredible place it was…


We were lucky enough to help release baby sea turtles into the wild!


And we got really close to all sorts of fantastic local wildlife.


Back at the resort, we enjoyed fabulous show cooking, a 24 hour sports bar and an incredible Pirate Theatre performance.


Then we set off down to the beach on Mexican Independence Day to celebrate in the most colourful and musical way possible.


Before finally heading off on a party boat with people from all over the world to enjoy Tequila, strange food and fireworks. See you next time amigos!

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