UK Games Expo 2018 – In Pictures

UK Games Expo 2018 – In Pictures

Another year and another amazing UK Games Expo is in the books. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the 2018 event in a press capacity and took a few photos I’d like to share with you all. As the Birmingham N.E.C closes it’s doors on legions of cos-players and tabletop gaming fanatics, many of us go back to boring jobs and we quite frankly would rather be anywhere else. So, why not relive a little of the magic of this year’s event instead? Join me as we sit back with a cup of tea and your favourite dice and enjoy these pictures I took during my weekend exploring the Expo. Just be sure to minimise the screen when your boss walks past…

First, there’s the vlog! The above was filmed across the duration of the weekend’s events. Furthermore, if you head across to my Youtube channel you can also catch a couple of interviews with the likes of Jollyboat, John Robertson and Paul Flannery from Knightmare Live. If you attended this year’s event then I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Hall 1, Birmingham NECLet’s start with this photo of Hall 1 at Birmingham NEC. This was Day 1 of the event, and you can see just how enormous the show floor is already in this picture. What you can’t see is the other half of it in Hall 2 behind where I was stood. According to the official show stats, the Expo floor space grew by 30% this year compared to 2017.

UK Games Expo 3 Day PassIt’s all three days or nothing at all for us. The organisers have now announced that across 1st to 3rd June this year the event attracted around 21,700 people. That’s a lot of nerdy board gamers! The organisers have already confirmed that UK Games Expo 2019 will indeed take place on 31st May to 2nd June 2019 at Birmingham NEC. Are you thinking of going? Leave me a comment below!

Open Gaming at UK Games ExpoThis was one of two identical suites available for Open Gaming at the Hilton Hotel just across from the Birmingham NEC, fully equipped with a beer stand and just around the corner from a selection of food trucks. Open gaming space was available in Hall 2 during the event. Almost 30,000 square meters of space was used in total for the event, including side rooms and outdoor areas.

Catan SheepMandatory UK Games Expo Catan Sheep Photo. ‘Nuff said.

Big Potato GamesBig Potato Games showed up with their Big Potato van, full of tiny potatoes! These guys are the people behind Scrawl so I’ll always be sure to visit their stand. According to the official show stats, these guys were among the whopping 375+ exhibitors in attendance. I just used the word whopping. I know. I’ll show myself out.

PandemicThis Pandemic photo frame just needed to be done. I hope you took one if you attended! In fact, show me. Prove to me your love of this widely loved board game via the medium of poorly timed selfies.

Ian LivingstoneThe legend that is Ian Livingstone was present during this event. I was able to grab myself a signed copy of the fantastic Fighting Fantasy “Deathtrap Dungeon” book. For those that are unaware, Fighting Fantasy are the famous Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books and I cannot recommend them enough.

Anne StokesSpeaking of guests, legendary artists Anne Stokes was in attendance (she brought this dragon with her) and was signing. My friend managed to get a beautiful hand made goblet signed by the artist, which is awesome!

Wild West ExodusWell, it wouldn’t be a GAMES Expo if I didn’t report on some of the games. This is Wild West Exodus, and I have purchased it because it was very, very fun! Despite my Games Workshop induced vow never to touch a paintbrush and a miniature again, I… I have been broken by this game…

Jesse JamesIn fact it was so good here’s another photograph. Jesse James holding a cyberpunk/steampunk rifle. Admit it, this looks good right?

What better way to end this blog post with a little look at some excellent cosplay. The Witch King and his Nazgul. You can just about see a fantastic Legoslas on the right and a ranger of Gondor on the left as well. This along with many, many others made for an excellent weekend and a treat for the eyes!

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this blog, be sure to check out some of my other articles and leave me a comment below with your thoughts. You can follow me on Twitter @cptnmingo for all the latest updates and you can also find weekly vlogs of my adventures on YouTube right here.

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  1. Looks like the event was very busy. I’ve heard of that Knightmare live is a good, humorous event from people who’ve seen them at Edinburgh Fringe. Have fun painting your wild west models…don’t just pass them onto Emma to do for you or anything…

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