Why Are We Going Back To Mexico?

Why Are We Going Back To Mexico?

Because it’s beautiful. There, I answered the question straight away (screw you click-bait dwelling bottom feeders!) and I’ve wanted to share this with you all for a while in all honesty. Mexico, a country known for drugs, violence and immigration issues, has stolen our hearts. The fact is, Mexico City and the North West may be pretty dodgy for your average tourist, but the Caribbean Coast is simply incredible. All one has to do is to fly into Cancun airport, get some sort of transport to a resort hotel somewhere on the coast in the Riviera Maya area (south of Playa Del Carmen is recommended) and not only are you safe, but you’re in for a real treat. Take our advice and make this your next holiday/vacation. Read on to find out why…

This local lady taught us how to dance, Mexican style, into the early hours of the morning on Mexican independence day.

Me and Em stayed at the Grand Sirenis Riveira Maya resort for our honeymoon in 2015, we couldn’t afford a stereotypical honeymoon to the Bahamas so we went for the next best thing. We were unsure what to expect, but the typical temperatures in September for the region were around a high of 32 degrees C with MINIMUM temperatures around 24 degrees C. It was HOT, humid and downright sexy. Even the ocean was like swimming in a warm bath. Rather than ramble on, I’ll show you just why it’s so magical through the use of photographic imagery.

Emma under a tree on the beach

Grab yourself a cocktail of your choice and head down to the resort beach. Sure, you get this kind of experience in other parts of the world, but the price you pay for a two week all-inclusive resort in Mexico is going to be a LOT less than you pay for say, the Maldives or the Seychelles. In the above photo, Emma and I had arrived just a little too early at the resort and we set about exploring with a drink in hand. There were coconuts scattered along the beach and I had already developed sunburn by this point.

Look at all the wildlife!

Those curious little creatures in the above photo are called Coatis, and they are everywhere! They are kind of like little raccoon-monkey-cats… If that even makes sense. They climb trees to eat nuts, they make cute little snuffling noises and they roam around in adorable, cuddle-filled packs sometimes near the resort’s swimming pools and bars. The locals regard them as a bit of a pest, albeit not as much as actual raccoons, but we found them utterly adorable! Couple that with enormous iguanas and timid Sereques (large Ginuea Pig like creatures) and you have one happy wife surrounded by nature.

Emma & I scuba diving 12 meters deep!

Speaking of nature, go scuba diving while you’re there! What better way to spend an afternoon that 10-12 meters beneath the surface of the Caribbean sea looking at some of the beautiful coral formations and abundant fish. In the above photograph, you can see myself, Emma and our guide exploring a colourful reef. I held a living conch shell, we saw an octopus and I swam through a cloud of little bright blue fish. Scuba diving is like being on another planet, you just float effortlessly through the sea and marvel at the sights before you. If you’re interested in finding out more, we actually filmed this youtube video while we were down there!

Us in front of the Mayan pyramid of Coba

Drinking by the pool and swimming in the sea may be a huge attraction to begin with, but let’s not forget the Mayan culture. The Yucatan peninsula (where Cancun sits) is steeped in Mayan ruins and ancient history. Not only is there the famous Chichen Itza, but there are other little Mayan ruins dotted all over such at the coastal site of Tulum. One of the larger ones, well worth a visit, is called Coba. In the above photo you can us standing in front of the Mayan pyramid of Coba, which we then had the opportunity to climb to the top of. Our guide was incredibly informative, telling us all about the fascinating mystery surrounding the Mayans and why they might have built this massive structure. From the top, it really does take your breath away. You can see for miles and miles and there was not a single man-made structure in sight. I should have expected this after an hour long drive straight into the heart of the forest but never before have I just seen trees in every direction as far as my Elven eyes could see. We were truly in the heart of the Mexican jungle at that point, and it was worth every penny.

Trees. Just trees. As far as the eye can see, in every direction.

I feel like I’ve rambled on enough in my love letter to this Central American country, so I’ll wind it up with one last point. Something that surprised me actually. They have theme parks! Not quite Drayton Manor or Disneyland, but more eco-friendly parks that you can spend the whole day at. Two of the most notable are Xcaret and Xel-Ha. In Xcaret you’ve got animal exhibits, underground rivers to paddle along, Mayan ruins and an enormous, spectacular show about the entire history of Mexico to end the day. Well worth a visit. Above this though, I rate Xel-Ha (pronounced Chell Hah or Shell Hah depending on your accent). Xel-Ha is a large water based theme-park set around a large lagoon inlet. You can zip-line and fall into the water, sit in a rubber ring and go down the natural lazy river, use rope swings and again fall into the water or go on a huge water slide tower thing. Couple that with the fact it was also all inclusive and you’ve got yourself a great day of swimming, drinking and eating in a natural environment. We swam with the dolphins there before hitting the main lagoon where we saw a couple of sting rays hanging out below us as well as a whole bunch of colourful fish!

Above: The pristine beaches of the Island of Contoy. Another fantastic day trip worth considering, only a certain number of people are allowed on to this island nature reserve per day.

That does it for me for this blog post. Honestly, I could go on and on but you probably have stuff to do and so do I. We’re counting down the days until we return to Mexico later this year, hopefully to tick off a bucket list item and swim with the enormous whale sharks! So, I’ll catch you next time where I tell you about my next favourite destination… Stevenage! Only joking. Nobody wants to go to Stevenage. Ever.

If you’re interested in finding out more, here’s a couple of vlogs from Mexico in 2015 for you to enjoy. In the meantime, don’t forget to hit subscribe on the right hand-side and give us a little facebook thumbs up too! Thanks for reading!

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