Photos: The Great Snow of 2018 (Storm Emma)

Photos: The Great Snow of 2018 (Storm Emma)

At the beginning of March 2018 we, living in the humble countryside of the South West of England, were hit with a four day long snow storm. Nicknamed #StormEmma by the media, it forced schools to close and roads to shut. The Met Office issued something I’d never seen before, a Red Alert for ‘danger to life’, and we were all advised to stay at home. Reports came in of motorists stranded in their cars for fifteen hours straight. Intrigued by the natural wonders of her stormy counterpart, Emma took a camera and went out to explore. And she took some incredible photographs.


Thorns frozen in place
This pointy thorn bush was perfectly encapsulated within the ice.
Snow Park
This normally lush green park became a winter wonderland. Perfect for a walk in the snow.
Cat Prints
Evidence lies here of a terrifying beast stalking the snows.
Car Snow
Vehicles were, quite literally, frozen in place. Driving anywhere became impossible for a few days.
Honiton in Ice
The icicles hanging from this road sign are beautiful.
Snow Wren
A hungry wren searches for food amongst the ice and snow.
Snow Roads
The roads were shut, passable only by emergency services or suitable 4×4 vehicles. And in the sky looms another wave of snow ready to strike.
Snow Train
The trains were cancelled too, leaving a perfect white track through the countryside.
Icey Street Light
Rolling blackouts occurred as the power grid struggled with the extreme conditions.
Beautiful Plants in the Snow
These trees seemed relatively untouched compared to the rest of the foliage nearby, providing a great contrast for this photo.
Snow Bridge
One has to wonder, what created this natural snow bridge?
Ice Waterfall
This normally active small waterfall had completely frozen over.
Beer in Snow
After all that walking around, these beers left in the snow should be ice cold and ready to drink. Thanks for checking out our blog :-).

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