We Drove A Brand New Peugeot Across The Devon Countryside

We Drove A Brand New Peugeot Across The Devon Countryside

Last week myself and two friends had the opportunity to test drive and review the brand-new Peugeot 3008 SUV GT Line. So, we did what any motoring enthusiast would do, we took it for a day out across some beautiful roads.

We took the 3008 SUV for a drive across Dartmoor before heading down into Cornwall and we filmed the entire day for your viewing pleasure.

Now I’ll start by saying I am by no means a professional in the motoring industry, in fact my forte lies more in Youtube videos and this here blog. However, there are a few things this car has going for it that I’d really like to share with you. I’ll start with the actual driving, shall I? The particular model we had for the day was the 180bhp, 2 litre Blue HDI version. Basically, it has a 2-litre diesel engine, it’s an automatic and it has a flappy paddle gearbox. The real fun, however, comes when you activate the little button down to your left marked ‘Sport’. You feel a change in the car, it turns from a sensible French family SUV into an energetic and angry beast, ready to eat up the road ahead of you. It roars with every touch of the accelerator and it makes you feel like you’re about to race of across the Salt Lakes of America when, in reality, you’re actually sat at the traffic lights outside Asda. The steering was a little stiffer in sport mode, but the car changed down through the gears for me to give me that little bit of extra power, and boy did it handle the corners with ease.

The Peugeot 3008 with the stunning Dartmoor National Park as a backdrop

Then you start to find all of the little features that make this car so fun. Once you get over the sheer size of the vehicle you find that the interior is spacious and comfortable. It has dual control air conditioning, as well as a fancy air freshener mode for when your passenger the morning after a curry causes your motorway journey to be that little bit unpleasant (and I love that somebody finally thought of a solution to that problem). The buttons along the centre console were reminiscent of an early starship Enterprise, and the panoramic sunroof felt like it rolled back the entire length of the vehicle.

One thing in particular I was fascinated with was the massage function. With the click of a discreet button down by your right thigh you can switch the function on and choose from lumbar, wave, cat paw and a few other massage types. You can also choose the intensity of the massage if you’re a sensitive kind of person. Mingz (one of trio who reviewed the car as part of ‘Project Zenz’) actually found it helped with some of the lower back pain he’s been experiencing. In our model, only the driver’s seat had this built in while the passenger had nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more when stuck in British summer holiday traffic than feeling like I’m at a spa… But I can’t help feeling that for something marketed toward families, the passenger seat should have this as well – and not just to make your wife go to sleep on long journeys(I’m already in the doghouse for typing that, no doubt). Perhaps it is an optional extra that can be added when purchasing, perhaps not, just make sure you resist the temptation to drift off in it’s blissful embrace and miss the traffic lights changing.

The 3008 SUV won car of the year 2017, thanks in part to it’s attractive design.

Another fun little feature it has involves the vehicle having little to no need for the actual keys. Granted, a lot of new cars these days have keyless ignitions and keyless entry, but this car took it to another level. By swiping your thumb across the door handle with the keys simply on your person, the car will unlock! And yes, as you can see in our video review, we tested it with other body parts too (no not like THAT). The other good thing about this is the way you can open boot. A function I first saw on a TV show when the main character of a certain HBO show was carrying too many groceries, one can swipe one’s foot underneath the rear bumper while the vehicle is unlocked and the boot will magically and gently open for you.

Yep, it even has those new style ‘wave’ indicators you keep seeing these days.

All in all, it was a great drive. The vehicle had power, it had size and it had comfort. It was a pleasure to take it across the beautiful rolling hills of Dartmoor, it fit snugly onto the Torpoint ferry as it was carried across the River Tamar and into Cornwall, and it managed the narrow country lanes of a Cornish seaside town with relative ease. We had a great day driving the Peugeot 3008 SUV GT Line on ‘summer holiday’ in the South West. Here’s to another Project Zenz motoring video in the near future. Cheers!

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