The New Doctor Who is Female & The Internet Has Melted

The New Doctor Who is Female & The Internet Has Melted

I haven’t posted in a little while, but something happened today which caught my eye and demanded some attention here on the blog. The BBC have introduced a female Doctor Who, and the internet is currently going into meltdown over it.

Dalek Bathroom Sign

First of all, I hereby accuse the BBC of breaching basic human rights by subjecting thousands of ‘Whovians’ across the U.K to torture, by declaring that the 13th Doctor would be revealed (at an unspecified time might I add) ‘immediately after the conclusion of the Wimbledon Men’s Final’. I can’t help but think that from the last stroke of the racket, the Wimbledon viewing figures were quite significantly boosted by people who, quite frankly, couldn’t give a strawberries and cream about tennis. What followed the final, won once again by Roger Federer don’t you know, was an agonising quarter of an hour of analysis, trophy lifting and Sue Barker jabbering on. Nerds across the U.K were losing their collective minds.


Then, it finally happened. Sue Barker made a terrible pun about numbers which then painfully segued into the short clip. The footage began in a lush forest, the camera focuses on the rear of a hooded and cloaked figure. It’s only when the camera angle switches and focuses first on the boots that you begin to suspect, then we see a most definitely non-masculine hand opens up to reveal the TARDIS key before finally, the hood draws back to reveal the new Doctor Who is former Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker. The first ever female Doctor. And yes, she is actually 100% a woman, I’ve checked her Wikipedia page and everything.

Jodie Whittaker

This is where the internet exploded.

Personally, I’m happy to sit back and see how this whole thing pans out. It’s better than being dumped at Walt Disney World after-all. However, let me draw your attention to the following comments. I present to you all the best of social media’s ‘for and against’ there being a female Doctor Who.
Warning: People are idiots.

First there was this. Facebook being it’s usual self.

Which can be counter-acted by this…

And then we move over to Twitter where things start to get a little comical…

In wades Reddit at this point. Now, if you’re not familiar with Reddit. S***. GETS. WEIRD.

And there was also this, I too wonder what the Daily Fail has to say about this.

As far as I’m concerned, I think this user on Reddit has hit the nail on the head. Did we not throw our toys out of the pram every other time the Doctor regenerated?

Let’s all go down to the Winchester, grab a pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. See you all after the Christmas special fellow nerds. If you enjoyed this post consider signing up for more on the mailing list over on your right, you can also follow me on Twitter as @cptnmingo.



2 thoughts on “The New Doctor Who is Female & The Internet Has Melted

  1. I admit that I too take some obstinate pleasure in watching the internet fandom tear at itself but I cannot help but give some room for critical analysis. I stopped watching the show around the first series of Matt Smith/Stephen Moffat’s tenure, so I don’t know if anything I say should matter now, but I remember when Peter Capaldi was cast as the twelfth doctor and questioned whether this was a sensible move considering the actor’s age. The core demographic, or so it seems by internet standards, is young women/girls; an audience which the youthful, vibrant, and good looking David Tennant and Matt Smith appealed too greatly. I would argue that the decline in viewership throughout Capaldi’s run is in part due to his lacking ‘sex appeal’ as to a turn in writing. And now the very womanly Jodie Whittaker, while I’m sure is a fine actress, has no sex appeal at all for this critical demographic. The next companion, I should presume, will be a young man of considerable aesthetic appeal.

    On a more personal angle, I’m not sure I’m so fond of the idea of a female doctor. I’m barely comfortable with the whole ‘changing faces, same person’ to begin with but that is a staple of the show one must accept going in. The reality I face as a potentially returning viewer is that I don’t think women make for very compelling lead characters. Female lead narratives tend to be rather narrow in focus, often limited to the much maligned ‘female perspective’ which has proven difficult to make appeal for the male demographic. The more recent trend in female led narratives, in order to make them more appeal to men, is to inject them with a hefty dose of masculine energy. Wonder Woman, to take a more recent popular example, has perhaps suffered the most from this, having been quite removed from the feminine virtuosity of her original incarnation to become the more haphazardly violent gladiator that brandishes a sword. If these women are going to be written with so many masculine attributes, why not cast a more fitting, male actor for the role? The prevailing narrative is that women are just defective men. By taking a historically male character and making them female, regardless of the in-universe explanation, this narrative, it seems to me, will only be reinforced.

    I’ll admit to my biases and short comings. I’m quite enamored with men and masculinity; I’ve perhaps not watched enough television series with female leads to really appreciate their story lines. I was very much looking forward to a time when the Doctor and Companion would both be male so that we could more resolutely explore a more touching male-male relationship. I guess I’ll be kept waiting, or maybe, as I fear, I’ve outgrown whatever enjoyment I could get out of this kind of television.

    Cool blog, thanks for the post!

    1. Very good points, well written and an interesting perspective. Thanks for reading/commenting. Given what you’ve said I’m intrigued to see how the next season looks, and it is also a very good point that the prevailing audience these days if young women where traditionally, pre-revival I expect middle aged men was it’s core fan base. Curse David Tennant and his love story with Rose Tyler!

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