Dumped at Walt Disney World: The Happiest Place on Earth?

Dumped at Walt Disney World: The Happiest Place on Earth?

My day has been almost completely consumed today by my morbid fascination with a Disney related tweet that has just gone viral. It has left me with so many questions. How can something like this happen at the happiest place on Earth? Last night @thedisneychef was kind enough to share with the internet something she witnessed at Walt Disney World in Florida. Brace yourselves, this story is just awful.

After a great day watching Fantasmic and enjoying some rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (I’m going to assume multiple re-rides of Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for my own amusement), @thedisneychef headed out front to catch one of the Disney buses and kick back in her hotel room. Whilst queuing, she noticed a 20 something girl sobbing (described as “ugly crying”) and walking along with a guy trailing a few feet behind her, occasionally making feeble efforts to comfort her. We’ll call her Disney Girl. The presumably kind-hearted gentleman makes a further few attempts to comfort Disney Girl before she explodes with “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FLEW ME TO DISNEY WORLD JUST TO BREAK UP WITH ME!” Wait for it… “ON MY BIRTHDAY!”. And it gets worse…


Above: The original Twitter story shared by @thedisneychef (page 1 of 3)

The tragedy unfolds as our damsel in distress goes on to say “I thought you were going to propose”. Evidently not. After the commotion calms down and our gentleman-turned-douchebag makes more of an effort to console Disney Girl, he then breaks away from the queue for their bus to one of Disney’s All-Star resort hotels. She asks him in confusion where he is going and his reply is… “Well… Baby… I got my own room…”

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

“WHAT?” She quite rightly screams. Sir Douchebag (I’ve decided he deserves a knighthood for outstanding services to douchebaggery) then goes on to offer to pay for the rest of her trip and explains he has booked his OWN room at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa! Now let me put this into context for you U.K readers. Disney’s All-Star resorts, whilst being fantastic Disney hotels in and of themselves, are the Disney equivalent of a Premier Inn. The Grand Floridian, however, is the Disney equivalent of a Hilton. It is Disney’s deluxe hotel and one of the top resorts in the Orlando area for that matter.

Photo I took of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa main lobby in March 2017. Note: Grand. Freaking. Piano.

Anyway, after more tears are shed, IT GETS WORSE. Yes my friends, marvel as Sir Douchebag is escalated to GRAND INQUISITOR, LORD OF ALL DOUCHEBAGS. As she begs and pleads with him for an explanation to all of this madness, douchebag explains that he’d brought her to Walt Disney World as he knows it’s her favourite place in the whole wide world and he felt it would cushion the blow… It is getting REALLY ugly at this point. Disney Girl then proceeds to call for a taxi and states she is staying at the Grand Floridian and demands douchebag leaves her alone. He then goes on to beg her NOT to stay at the Floridian because “people are waiting there for him.” At this point, thankfully, some Disney cast members arrive to take control of the situation.

Now public opinion appears to be divided on the last part, but the majority of people are going with the theory that douchebag had another female friend waiting for him back at the Floridian. However this entire story leaves me with so many questions!

– What happened to Disney Girl, is she okay?
– Who exactly was waiting for Sir Douchebag?
– What did the cast members do to resolve the situation?
– Who was she? How long had they been together?
– Did he plan this entire thing in advance?
– Did she continue her week at Disney World?

– Why ON HER BIRTHDAY of all days?

It then got me thinking of another question. How many other tragic stories are there that took place on Disney property? You know, the happiest place on Earth. I put a tweet out and scoured @thedisneychef’s feed as more and more came to light. Do you need a hug yet? You will do.

First there was this.

Then this came to light.
Then this reared it’s ugly head.

At this point the internet’s dark side started emerging from the depths, so I had to stop reading. I can’t imagine all of this fits in with Walt’s dream too well either. I like to think that Disney worked their magic and were able to pull out all the stops to either give Disney Girl an amazing time by herself e.g a backstage tour or something, or get her home safe and well. I, like you, am begging to know what happened to Disney Girl just so I can sleep at night. I am also (like you presumably?) semi-shocked by all the tragic things a select few people have experienced there. Fortunately, the good far outweighs the bad and I’ll be around soon to share some happy experiences of mine and my wife’s from Disney World.

Here’s a picture of me and my friends on Splash Mountain just so you know it’s not all that bad. Except for those two at the front, maybe they have a story to share?

If you’re reading this Disney Girl (probably not) or if anyone reading this knows who this mystery girl is, please, please put her in touch with me cptnmingo@gmail.com. She is out there somewhere and I just have to know, as does the rest of those affected by this heartbreaking tale, did it end okay? Since the post had gone viral there was a heart-warming out-pouring of love for mysterious Disney Girl. Some offering to take her on upcoming trips to Disney parks, others offering her the chance to hang out with their group instead of Sir Douchebag in future. I think Disney Girl deserves a chance to tell her side of the story. We’re all behind you Disney Girl. And we all love you, wherever you may be, whoever you are.

I’d like to thank @thedisneychef for sharing this story and fully encourage you to check out her website www.thedisneychef.com for some awesome Disney recipes, some of which we’ll be trying to make very soon!

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